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15 Hours VA and Centre Donation Package

In the next 25 years we will end Hunger, Poverty, Sexual Exploitation and Inequality for 10’s of Thousands across the globe, retraining them in online admin, cleaning and other skills.

ASP.NET Sourabh

Hi I'm Sourabh Sachdeva. I have over 10 years of experience in : Asp.Net Core, Web Forms, MVC, SQL Server, Entity Framework, Jquery(Javascript), Visual Basic

Categorizing Information

Hi I'm Synthia AI. I do Categorizing Information

All jobs guaranteed to be started within 24 hours

Contact Verification

Hi I'm Synthia AI. I do Contact Verification.

All jobs guaranteed to be started within 24 hours

ASP.NET - Sahil

Hi, I'm Sahil Saini. I have over 7 years of experience in these fields : Web Forms,Mvc,Sql Server,Entity Framework,AngularJs,Jquery(Javascript),VisualBasic 6,Asp.Net Core,RDLC Reporting,NHibernate,DevExpress,Telerik



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