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Canon EOS 7D

Canon's X0D series was, for many years, essentially the default choice for keen enthusiasts, professionals and aspiring-professionals who wanted top-level image quality and functionality without the bulk (or price) of a pro-level camera such as the 1D series. The 10D, 20D and 30D were hugely successful and popular cameras, and you didn't have to spend long shooting with them to understand why. However, like every other sector of the DSLR market, there are some very competitive rivals, in terms of both price and features. Cameras such as Sony's A700 and Nikon's D200 and 300 have meant the most recent X0D EOSs have been held to higher standards and have found it a little harder to stand-out.


** Picture are not the actual camera and taken from the web.


Project and Data Management

Hi, I’m Dian. I’m an innovative Project and data manager with 5 years of experience managing all aspects of the Executive function and process improvement — from data, accounting and staff to client management I deliver excellent and client-friendly approach and services.



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100% Money Back Guarantee Business Transformation Workshop

100% Money Back Guaranteed 'Business Transformation Workshop' facilitated by Anton Harrison-Kern

$2000 for 3 hours. Have as many staff involved as you like.

I'm sure that we will solve any business problem that you have or shift any business blockage that you have guaranteed or your money back.

Areas that you could consider are: 

  • Company politics impacting your company culture
  • Technology issues
  • No sense of team
  • Sales issues
  • Marketing issues
  • Loss of direction
  • Too many customer complaints
  • Cash flow
  • Profit

Our no fuss, no questions asked GUARANTEE:

100% Money back guarantee: if you dont feel you got value.


Project Design Specialist

Hi, I’m Jonathan. I am passionate about Graphic Design, these includes photoshop, print design, shirt design, logo design,illustrator, graphics editing, video editing, web page design, Adobe Indesign, Graphics and Multimedia.


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Front-end Developer

Hi, I’m Monika. I have 5+ year experience as UI & UX designer working on the multiple platforms. It is really exciting for me to make things aesthetic, simple, user-friendly and effective at the same time. Design for me is a powerful tool for changing the world around to a better place.



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Project Manager

Hi, I’m Lucky. I am professional Software Developer and having 7+ years of experience.


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