About us

We’re the kids who always had the word ‘disruption’ somewhere on our report cards. Our teachers never knew what a compliment it was.

The internet is a disruptive place these days, Fully Utilised was born from this realisation. Based and founded in Melbourne, Australia Fully Utilised is a trusted community marketplace where people and businesses can list, discover, and hire tools, assets, machinery, recreational items and pretty much anything you can imagine — online from a mobile phone, desktop or tablet.

Whether you need a last minute tool or item to finish that nifty home project quickly or you need to hire a year’s worth of printer supplies for your startup, Fully Utilised is the place. Gone are the days of buying items you only need once or paying restrictive rates to big businesses. Now you can hire anything from anyone and you can Fully Utilise those assets that were otherwise laying around gathering dust.